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Introducing Impact Sports

Along with podcast host Ian Evans, The Impact Sports blog will cover events in and around the sports world and the impact that athletes have.

In sports, some sort of impact takes place throughout the game, match or event, whether the literal impact of physical contact or a moment that shifts the competition. The name, Impact Sports Media, comes from Ian Evans' podcast, The Impact, and will be the mantra for this blog, which will focus on the impact of events that happen in sports and how events that happen outside sports are felt in the sports world.

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, the impact that sports provides made the 2016 Cavaliers championship run so special. When tears ran down my face as the buzzer sounded in Game 7, and I was surrounded by 1.3 million people at the parade in downtown Cleveland three days later, I understood how special and connective sports can be.

Now, in a time where live sports are mainly on hold (though only a month separates us from the return of MLS, NHL, NBA and MLB), the impact that sports has can still be felt as athletes around the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and lead the fight against systemic racism and social injustice.

An overarching goal for Impact Sports is to discuss topics from all sports. This blog won't just focus on the 'big' sports or 'trending' social issues, but will aim to find a connection between the two and also keep up with the events taking place in the sports world, once the major leagues restart in the United States.

For the time being, the focus of the blog will be on topics like the fight for social justice or the conclusion of the Premier League season, which has garnered more and more attention year-after-year in the US. Although Liverpool have already been crowned champions in England, there is still much to play for (this will be the topic of my second blog post after this introduction and a piece highlighting athletes making an impact).

Moving forward, the 20-plus podcasts produced and edited by Ian are available on 'The Impact with Ian Evans' tab of this website, and articles will soon begin flowing in the blog tab. Although the staff is made up simply of the two co-founders, Ian and myself, a goal that we share is to one day grow the number of writers and podcasters on staff to give voice to those who don't have one.

We gladly welcome anyone who joins us on this journey and thank you for your support. With the FA Cup quarterfinals taking place this past weekend, keep an eye out for an update on English football and look for previews of the upcoming resumption of play in the NBA and NHL, along with the beginning of the MLB season and NFL training camps, while we continue to dissect what has been an historic spring and summer in the history of not just sports, but the world at large. Stay tuned!

Peter Burtnett

Co-founder of Impact Sports

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